"22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth" is a book for adults as well as children and teens. 

Join 11-year-old Miles Cooper and I as we walk you through 22 of the most powerful life lessons we ever learned, lessons that can change your life. 

Not very confident, struggling with issues of all kinds, dealing with bullying? This is the book you need to get TODAY!  

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Read What I Discovered About:

  • Overcoming Failure, Embarrassment and Lack of Confidence.
  • The Benefits of Being Different
  • Building Confidence
  • Dealing with Bullies and Bullying
  • Finding and Keeping Your Identity
  • Bonus Material From Contributors Of The Book, Life Lessons of Success, Strive and Strength!


22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth

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"22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth" is a journey through some of the most difficult life experiences, and how those intense experiences caused incredible growth.